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Unyha Wiki: Your Guide to the World of Unyha

July 19, 2024

Unyha Wiki: Your Guide to the World of Unyha

Unyha Wiki is now available on our website. As a work in progress, the Unyha Wiki will be continuously updated with detailed information about the game, providing players with valuable insights into the mechanics, lore, and characters of the game.

To kick things off, we've added two initial articles:

  • Golden State - Learn about the prestigious Golden State, a condition that players can achieve by accomplishing significant challenges. Discover the benefits, process, and strategic implications of this unique feature.

  • Seasons - Explore the concept of Seasons in Unyha, periods of intense historical significance that shape the world and your House's legacy. Understand how gameplay is structured around these pivotal times and what you can expect between seasons.

Stay tuned for more articles and updates as we continue to build and expand the Unyha Wiki. We hope this resource enhances your gaming experience and helps you navigate the rich world of Unyha.

Thank you for being a part of our community!


New Art Direction & Nordic Game Conference

May 21, 2024

New Art Direction & Nordic Game Conference

Hey peeps!

Unyha is now a medieval GOTH Autochronicle Online RPG. We found the goth art direction to spice up the concept and align perfectly with autochronicle as well as the style and attitude of what we want Unyha to be.

Gameplay Trailer

For this, we've kicked up this brand new website, with a gameplay teaser trailer and a lore video.

We are also attending the Nordic Games Conference to network, look for partners and collaborators as well as celebrate/kickoff of the new push.

In the following weeks, we are focusing on setting up the playtesting flow via steam so we can invite more players to Unyha and start getting into regular consistent open testing phases.


Major design breakthroughs!

November 14, 2023

Hey folks,

We recently made some major design breakthroughs thanks to the results of the previous playtesting, so we are gonna push the aforementioned playtesting fiesta a couple of weeks. This will give us time to fully close the main loop of character bloodlines, seasons and heirloom inheritance. Our goal is to have all these core elements in place for iterative and successive playtesting with seasons beginning 2023.

Some sneak peaks of what it currently looks like and will in the future:

  • When you first log into your account, you will now name your House, the "family name" upon which your legacy will be grow.

  • 3 starting areas with 2 levels of blocks which players need to collaborate to unlock

  • By the end of a seasons you will be able to transfer your characters accumulated fame into your heirlooms which you want to keep for the next season.

  • As a player you are now about 10x stronger from the start, make sewers action-fun from the first moment and a lot of skills more accessible.

  • New HP/Mana bar and ability icons, inventory is coming too (with limited slots!).

Nothing is set in stone, but this is the current outline and what we are working on/towards.



Playtest complete - Sewers remain infested!

October 27, 2023

Playtest complete - Sewers remain infested!

Huge thanks to all of you who joined us and helped us explore the sewers! The results were beyond expectations as we got really positive responses on our efforts put into making global improvements from the last 6 months: general polish, UI, performance, stability, graphics and gameplay interactions.

The Living Dungeon System was also a great success. We could see how players were challenged by the ratkin defending their nest and actually no one managed to eradicate the threat as we had hoped. Brimmar sewers remain infested! The idea behind this is to have DEEP dungeons which you can return to when you have grown stronger. We want a mix of players across the map, not static "low-level" vs "high-level" areas. The challenge here is to find a balance where new waves of enemies doesn't feel punishing if they are above your level or skill hence finding ways to make retreat an action of consideration and easier to assess. We already have some solid ideas on how to achieve this.

Since we are fans of quick iteration and fixes, we've tried to address all of your feedback with recurring patches. A lot of tweaks & fixes have been done already during the test, but some issues will require more time and careful balancing e.g. fame bonuses & health pools.

As always, gathering this feedback is super valuable to us and keeping a close relationship with you, the players, is what is going to make Unyha special in the end.

Stay tuned for next playtest announcing shortly!


Spooky Testing Weekend

October 10, 2023

Spooky Testing Weekend

It is FINALLY time to PLAY!

This Sunday 9/10 a small number of invites will go out to you who signed up on the website.

So, slight change of plans since our last post. We've decided to pause Legacy Quests for now and finish up on closer-to-finish systems instead. And this time around, we are doing things a little bit differently than we have over years. We will run a series of shorter playtests, more focused on specific aspects of Unyha. This will help us understand you better and give more time to address specific feedback on how you want Unyha to run.

This first playtest will focus primarily on our Living Dungeon Systems while getting general feedback on the many many many changes we've made over the summer! What better way to spend the spookiest weekend of the year deep in a murky dungeon?

PS! We will do our best to run bi-weekly playtesting from now on, so if you don't get an invite this time, chances are high you'll get one soon enough.


Closed Early-Access October

September 20, 2023

Hello, hello, hellooooo! We're happy to let you know that the game is closing up on getting ready for some sneaky early-access testing this October. Starting October 1st we will begin inviting a limited amount of people who signed up on the website to a closed early-access alpha version of Unyha. Here we will focus our testing on the brand new Legacy Quests which are unique quests with narratives based on real player histories. We will also be gathering feedback on the overall player journey, gameplay UX/quality of life and finding any bugs to squash. As soon as we find that the game is running great, we will transition into open early-access alpha on itch and get more people online. To maximize your chances of entry (and help us greatly!): - Signup on the website: - Follow us on twitter: - Follow us on itch: Cheers, Vik

dev story

Stealth Mode deactivated in Paris

September 15, 2023

Stealth Mode deactivated in Paris

Long time no see! This year we've been in a bit of a Stealth Mode and just focused intensely on polishing that core loop to make our concept as clear as possible. However, last week we got invited to Paris to demo Unyha and got some really good feedback. This was really encouraging and we thought this would be a good time to come out of stealth. We'd like to begin testing in small scale again and are really looking forward to getting some more feedback!

Summary of changes since last post (non-exhaustive, many small tweaks and changes are done across the game):

  • We've created an intro sequence to illustrate more clearly what the game is about

  • Death Screen - Added more info on exactly what happens after you die.

  • Living Dungeon System - Lots and lots of tweaks to make in align better level by level

  • UI - New "toggling mode" logic, Portrait in top-left corner, seasons overview showing stories, fame, heirlooms, leaderboards and stats

  • Graphics fidelity, we've pulled down the resolution of all textures to create a more homogeneous art direction

  • Lore stone - we replaced the storytelling barrel with a lore stone at the center of town to make it more fore fronted.

  • Bow timing bonus - Mechanic skill is measured and communicated with feedback. The better you time your bow pulls in a succession the more damage you can do.

  • Procedural dungeon decorations - added a system to fully spawn dungeons procedurally with pretty decorations (button-click)

  • Lots of new resources and types for leatherworking - fleshed out to support more elements

  • Monster looting - if you die in a dungeon, monsters will loot your non-heirloom items and distribute them in treasure chests in the dungeon


Cologne GamesCom

August 16, 2023

Cologne GamesCom

Hey friends,

Unyha is invading Cologne for this year's GamesCom! We're here to mingle with peers and gather first-impression feedback from players, and wisdom from industry legends.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a demo or simply a chat, coffee or beers.

Prost! Vik & Ben


We Ride becomes Unyha!

July 19, 2023

We Ride becomes Unyha!

Dear friends,

We are today happy to announce that we are going to focus 100% on building this game as the first title of Realspawn Studios.

After spending most of this spring doing market research and talking to experts in the industry from all across the world, we've learned that the best way to bring our unique, carefully crafted concepts and game ideas to as many players as possible, is by fully committing to build and ship this game.

For 5 years, we have been shaping and researching novel game ideas without feeling the need or pressure to ship something we are not 100% happy with. At the same time, building games is what we love and it has always been done part-time. This is what we are going to change now.

This transition means many new things for us, for players and for the game. As of today, we are renaming We Ride to Unyha to highlight our new focus and get a fresh start for everything new to come. Unyha is still going to remain very much like We Ride, but with a much clearer concept and direction of what the game is about, closed game loops and tighter mechanics (more details on all of this later).

Some practical info: - New website - Unyha will be closed-testing only. You all will have testing-access, but new players will need to signup and wait for a spot. - Many new changes are already implemented (character customization and clothing system) which we'd like help tweaking - Next big milestone is September 30 with stress-testing of back-end, content + lineage-system (more details coming).

Cheers, Vik, Ben & Rob!