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You are Spiritfolk, a sacred tribe of medieval goth punks, summoned by the Spirit of Unyha to save her from dying by humans' crippling mundanity. Bring Unyha back to life by stirring up adventure and submitting your prose to gain fame and power in return. Dive into a world of ancient lands and treacherous dungeons, building your Bloodline's legacy across seasons, crafting epic artifacts and growing your heritage.

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An autochronicle game

A world full
of stories

Unyha is the first-ever autochronicle online RPG, where your adventures, victories, and defeats become real stories that influence the game for all, and forever. Our autochronicle system generates history & content from you and your fellow players activity — and naturally responds to it as part of gameplay.

  • True History Everyone you meet, each place traveled, every trinket discovered — all have persistent organic histories.

  • Town chatter You hear the tavern maid tell tales of recent gossip; trade deals of mighty weapons between Spiritfolk, a rowdy bar fight, or a mysterious newcomer’s arrival. 

  • Over the ages As seasons come and go and decades become centuries, your stories grow, turning into myths and legends. It will be up to the next generations to rediscover the truth of these stories—and take the consequences.

  • Unique moments Eventually, stories get told, history is written, and old rumors are forgotten. As new adventurers arrive in Unyha, they step onto soil that hides a wealth of mysteries. They will uncover real legends about real people—and for the lucky ones who can unearth them, real treasures.

Great Glizum Ravine

Skills & features

Inherit talent, forge mastery.

Train your Spiritfolks in an open skill system with hybrid specializations as Warrior, Mage and Ranger. Find your own niche in bottomless pool of combinations with flexibility to play just the way you want.



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